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How to import HandHistory (part. 2)
Another way to import hands on Universal Replayer is to simply drag 'n drop the
hand history file on the table.
The following window appear and you have only to check if the right poker room is selected.

Click "Ok" and enjoy.

Another way is to automatically import all the hand history saved by your poker room client
To do this you have to know all the path where the hand history are saved.
Open Universal Replayer click on "Scan"  and then on "Scanned Folders"

click on "Browse" and select the first path, select the Poker Room and click on "Add to List".
Repeat the previous step to add all the Poker Room needed and click on "Close".
A new window appear asking you if you want to make a scan of all the directory selected.
Click yes and start to analyze your game.

Advanced options  coming soon.......

Analyzing  coming soon........

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