Universal Replayer

the ultimate poker replayer

Tutorial part1 - Tutorial part2 - Tutorial part3

How to install Universal Replayer

In order to install the new version of Universal Replayer please read the following instruction
or watch the video on our youtube channel clicking here
Check your Java installation. Java must be updated  to the last version.
Go to the download page and click on the download icon.
The following window appear on your screen.

Be sure that "Open With" is selected and Java Web start is the default application.
Press OK and the download/installation process starts
After that you have to choose the default directory used as repository for the hand
history imported and the poker room skins.

How to import HandHistory (part 1)
There are several way in order to import your hh in Universal Replayer.
One of them is to open Universal Replayer, click on "File" and select the "Convert History" options.

Then click on on "Browse" and select the hand history file do you want to analyze.
Next step is to choose the poker room related

The last two steps are "Convert" and, finally, "Launch"
When you click on "Convert" check on the white message box below, there are some text
lines, if they end with a message like "45 hand imported" all is ok.
If something is going wrong there will be a message like "no valid hand ..."
In this case check if the right poker room is selected or if the hand history file is corrupted.

Importing Hand history part2

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