Universal Replayer

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Frequently Asked Questions

I was wondering if there is a way to make the Universal Replayer larger on my screen. Is there a way to do this?

No, at the moment the size is fixed.

I wasn't able to see correctly the table image (see example)

This is due to a compatibility problem between Java and your video card driver; a driver update should solve this issue.

I cannot import a file: I get a no valid hand found message.

The poker room selected doesn't match your file. Check if you have selected the right one. Also note that only english hands histories are supported. If your HH file is not written in english, the replayer won't be able to convert it. Just change the language configuration of your poker software, and that should work much better.

I'm playing on a poker room of the Ongame Network with the new P5 software.
Is the new hand history format supported?

Yes, when you import your hand history choose P5Network as poker room. At the moment the support is limited to Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

The replayer shortcut is missing or I accidentally deleted the replayer's shortcut.

Open the Java apps on the control panel. Find Universal Replayer on the list, right click on it and then select install shortcut.

Which Java version is required to run Universal Replayer?

Please install (or update your Java installation to) the latest version available. You can check your Java installation from this page.

Where are stored the files produced by the replayer?

When you first installed the replayer, you were asked to select a Main Storage Folder. If you can't remember what folder you chose, open the scan/scanned folders menu in the replayer and you'll see this folder's location.
There are some subfolders in it: in the IMPORTED subfolder, you should see the converted files obtained after a manual import of a HH (using drag&drop for example); in the SCANNED subfolder, you should see all the files converted using a scanner on a HH folder; in the SKIN subfolder, you'll find the different skins available in the replayer.

Universal Replayer stops working. What is the problem?

First of all check your Java installation. If you are using a system cleaner software like CCleaner, please configure it in order to not delete the Java cache.

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